10 Ways to Celebrate National Camping Month

Get outdoors because June is National Camping Month. Hop in an RV, grab a tent or even just a sleeping bag to get yourself outside to celebrate. Gather your family, make a s’more, and take a look at these ten things you can do to celebrate national camping month this year.

camping friends
  1. Cook over a fire

It’s always more fun to enjoy a meal cooked over the campfire with friends or family. From burgers to smores, the possibilities are endless. Put an extra piece of chocolate on that graham cracker to celebrate national camping month this year.

campfire and mountains
  1. Pitch a tent for backyard camping

If you have a yard, then you have a way to celebrate national camping month. Grab a tent and set it up with your family to enjoy the sounds of nature through the night from your very own backyard. 

  1. Tell stories around a campfire

Nothing feels more like camping than settling around a fire with your loved ones to chat through the evening. Telling stories around the campfire is a great way to celebrate national camping month. Whether you enjoy telling scary stories or tales from memory lane, all storytellers are welcome around the fire this year.

  1. Take a hike in the forest

Lace up your boots and hit the dirt path running –or walking– for a lengthy hike this June. Get some exercise, enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and go for a hike.

hiking trails with friends
  1. Have a scavenger hunt

Put together a nature-themed scavenger hunt to enjoy with friends and family. Get yourselves to a forest and use pictures to track down mushrooms, types of moss, different leaves, and anything else you might want to hunt for in the wild. Make it interesting and offer a prize to whoever finds the most items on the list!

  1. Have a picnic

Grab a blanket and get comfortable under the sun with a basket full of your favorite foods for a meal outdoors. Gathering your loved ones for a picnic is a great way to celebrate national camping month this year.

family picnic
  1. Go fishing

Gather your family for an afternoon near the water and go fishing this June. Enjoy this timeless outdoor activity at your nearest river, lake, or even a pond. If you have a canoe, take it to the water and see how many fish you can catch!

  1. Bird watching

Make a list of birds to seek out and go bird watching to celebrate national camping month this year. For an extra layer of family fun, make it another scavenger hunt competition. Whoever spots the most birds on your list gets a prize!

  1. Stargazing

Spend some time relaxing under the stars. Lay out some blankets in your backyard, stretch out and relax under the night sky. Seek out as many constellations as you can, and enjoy the relaxing sounds of nighttime nature.

stargazing with family
  1.  Collect rocks

Get to the river and seek out the most interesting rocks you can find. Look for smooth stones to skip, colored rocks, and anything that might catch your eye. Take them with you to remember the time you spent outdoors this year to celebrate national camping month.
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