3 Best RV Apps for Finding Cheap, Local Foods with Good Ratings

Every family wants the best RVing experience when they go out on the road with their new RV, and a huge part of that experience is eating great, local foods. We know that road tripping anywhere can be expensive, and food is a huge part of that expense, so we’ve found the 3 best RV apps that will help you find cheap food (that tastes good!) wherever you camp.


People Eating Food at a Restaurant


1. Yelp

It’s not secret that this is the best app for finding local restaurants with great ratings, and that’s because Yelp is so easy to use! You’ll find millions of customer reviews on this app. The best part about Yelp is that it doesn’t just have reviews on the Starbucks on your way to your campsite, it also has reviews on that little diner on the corner that is sustained only by the locals.

You won’t regret downloading this app for all of your RV adventures!


2. Foursquare

Foursquare is more intuitive, as it learns the places that you’ve loved and actually suggests places that fit your likes as you use it during your travels. It finds your location and gives you ideas of what is close.

But what’s even more unique about Foursquare is that it connects you not only with great restaurants, but with coffee and tea spots as well as museums, theaters, theme parks, historic sites, and much, much more! So you’ll not only find great food, you’ll find great community activities, as well!


3. Krazy Coupon Lady

For the most part, RVers bring all the food that they need in their refrigerators and in storage pantries, except for the few times that they travel to local food places to experience the yummy eats that cities have. The Krazy Coupon Lady is an app for those who love to grocery shop and then stay close to to their RV for the remainder of the trip. If you’re looking for great deals on grocery foods, Krazy Coupon Lady is for you!

Whether you have only a few in your RV, or if you’ve got eight family members, this app will help you save money on all of your yummy snacks and amazing meals!

We hope you try out these three great RV apps. If you are still looking for a new RV, or if you’ve been RVing for years, we wish you happy camping (and happy eating!). If you have any questions about our RVs, please contact us today. We’d love to connect with you to help you find your dream recreational vehicle.

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