Geo Pro Travel Trailer Review: Comfy, Eco-Friendly RVing

Take a look at the amazing Geo Pro travel trailers for sale here at Parris RV! These recreational vehicles are built to bring the same great comfort and style to the campground in a more environmentally conscious camper. Let’s find out how you can get the best of both worlds in this GEO Pro travel trailer review!

Geo Pro Travel Trailer
Go further in our Geo Pro Travel Trailers!

Energy and Fuel Efficient

The main way the Geo Pro is friendlier to the environment is by being much lighter weight than other RV options. The innovative and compact design allows it to still have everything you need for camping while still allowing it to be easily towed by the more fuel efficient crossovers or small SUVs. Therefore, not only will you be lowering air pollution, but it will save you money on gas in the process. It’s a win-win situation!

Complete Comfort

Geo Pro Travel Trailer Interior
Get all that you need in a eco-friendly, lightweight RV!

Each of the seven floorplans of this travel trailer will come with items for comfort, convenience, and entertainment, completing the trifecta of camping. With a queen master bed and some options featuring a set of bunk beds, you can sleep from two to four people with ease. You can even enjoy making all of your meals in the full interior kitchen or if you prefer to spend more time outside, be sure to check out the exterior kitchen models.

Geo Pro Travel Trailer Exterior Kitchen
Spend even more time outside with the exterior kitchen floorplans.

Speaking of spending time outdoors, every Geo Pro will come with more ways for you to enjoying the full camping experience. From the awning with optional power abilities to the Pro Rac Mounting Bar for bringing along kayaks, bikes, and more, you can find entertainment whether you seek adventure or just want to relax in the shade. Plus, with a mounted LCD TV and DVD player, you can spend evenings or days of inclement weather inside watching your favorite movies or TV shows.

The design of our Geo Pro travel trailers bring comfort and eco-friendly details together in one incredible RV. To find out more, be sure to contact us or stop by our location today, and start living the RVing life!

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