Rockwood Freedom Series Expandable Review

Wanting to start your RV experience off right? An expandable is the perfect beginner RV. And if you’re just wanting to update, expandables are a great family RV, as well. If you have younger kids, the Rockwood Freedom Series Expandable for sale is a great choice. Expandables bring your family closer together, while giving you a chance to learn what the RV lifestyle is like. Let’s look together at the Rockwood Freedom Series Expandable Review for more details…


Rockwood Freedom Series Expandable Exterior


The exterior of any expandable is most durable with aluminum wheels, and Rockwood Freedom has 13″ radial aluminum wheels! It also provides an electric water pump and a hot water package that includes an outside shower to clean off your feet before heading inside, a water filter, and a Demand water pump.

Rockwood Freedom has an antifreeze inlet, which allows you to easily bypass fresh water tanks when you have to winterize your RV. This makes for an easier transition between the warmer and colder months. In addition to these features, it has a permanently mounted 3-burner indoor range that comes with a cover.


Rockwood Freedom Series Expandable


The interior features are just as durable as the exterior, with a beautiful slatewood interior design to make the atmosphere warm and cozy, with an nice touch of Wood Look flooring, and “leather appearance” seating. All of these amenities give it a really nice look you’ll fall in love with.

Over the bunk beds, they have storage nets that are great for all of your camping necessities. If you’re planning on using your electronics or have some work to finish up before the vacation can begin, you’ll love the WiFi Ranger WiFi Booster SKY 4 that will allow you to have better WiFi wherever you are!

One of the best interior features is the thermostatically controlled heated mattresses. Because the beds are tented, the heated mattresses will be a wonderful addition to keep you nice and warm throughout the night.

If you’re interested, here are some additional, optional features:

  • Shower and Cassette Toilet Package Incl. Cabinet w/ Shower, Cassette Toilet and Shower Curtain. (Opt. 2280, 2318G) (Std. Select Floorplans)
  • Hanging Pantry
  • Air Conditioner Wiring Kit
  • 20k BTU Forced Air Furnace w/ Electric Ignition
  • (4) Bike Rack (Select Floorplans)
  • ProRac Systems Upright Bike Carrier
  • ProRac Systems Kayak Carrier
  • ProRac Systems Load Stops
  • ProRac Systems Tie Downs
  • Power Lift System (Select Floorplans)
  • 40 Watt Solar Panel
  • Dual 20 lb. LP Bottles with Cover and Automatic LP Regulator
  • Screen Room w/ Privacy Panels

With a beautiful interior and great features such as these, you may want to check out the Rockwood Freedom Series Exapndable. If you have any questions about this RV or any part of the RV lifestyle as you begin your journey, please contact us today!

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