RV Tips: 4 Camping Hacks for RVing with Your Toddler

Hi, my name is Kate; I’m a full-time RVing mom of one bright and bubbly little boy with another on the way.  We chose RV life because we love to travel and spend time together as a family.  RVing with a toddler isn’t always easy, which is why I’ve put together my best RV tips for how to make your little one feel at home on the road.

Hiking with child

Create Space for Your Baby

Even your toddler needs a space to call their own in the RV. Find an area that you can dedicate to keeping their toys, blankies, and other items from home. We chose a fifth wheel with a bunkhouse to have a room for his crib, a rocking chair, all his clothes, and bins for toys. He loves having a space that’s “his” and frequently plays quietly by himself while we work. Having a space of his own made the RV feel like home to him, and it can help your little one adjust to RVing, too, even if it’s just for a week.

Boys Playing
Our little one also has a corner in the living room to play with his friends.

Get Outdoors

One of the main reasons we chose RV living is to get outside and enjoy nature more. Our son gets cabin fever without daily walks or time outdoors, so we try to take time as a family every day and get some fresh air. This also helps to fix fussy attitudes or bad days. I’m always impressed with the ability of fresh air and a change of scenery to turn a bad day around.

Outdoor with the Boy
This outdoor playmat/picnic blanket is a perfect play space for your little one.

Making Your RV Safe for Baby

Thankfully, RVs are pretty well baby-proofed when it comes to cabinet doors and drawers. Most RVs are equipped with catches to keep them secure while in transit; these same catches are strong enough to keep our toddler from getting into the drawers and cabinets. However, there are outlets almost everywhere in most RVs, so you’ll need to get outlet covers.

Try Something New

If nothing else is working to keep your little one happy, try doing something new. Fill the sink with water and let them splash around, take a hike, find a quiet place to read books together. Ultimately, your toddler will probably enjoy exploring new places and spending time in an RV, but they may struggle with it too. Be patient and help them see this unusual scenery as something fun and exciting.

Father and daughter reading outside

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