3 Camping Tips for RVing with Your Pup

More times than not there’s one of our new RVs, a family, and a dog. We RVers love to take our furry friends on our adventures with us. Whether you couldn’t get a sitter or a kennel for the weekend or you just adore having your pup with you, we have 3 camping tips that will help your RVing adventures with your dog go smoothly!


Camping Tips Camping with Your Pup


1. Have a “Safe Place”

This may seem obvious, but having a crate or blanket that your dog can lay in or on when they are scared or anxious will go a long way to calming them down! We all know that animals have a hard time adjusting to traveling, and this will make it feel a bit more like home when they have a darker, safer place to go when things get seemingly crazy. Whether afraid or tired, they’ll appreciate this a lot.

2. Brush Them Outside

Once a day, take a brush outside and get out that extra hair. This will help keep the RV clean and it will also feel good for them, as well. Getting rid of all the loose fur will keep the air a bit more fresh inside your recreational vehicle. Keep your vacuum from getting clogged after every trip with this quick tip!

3. Use D-Rings

D-rings are your best friend when you’re an RVer and a pet owner. Hook the d-ring to his leash and your belt loop to keep your hands free when taking hikes on the trails and walks around the campgrounds. Quick trips to the lake or circling the grounds to get in your exercise will be a bit easier with this little trick. D-rings are also great for connecting to a tree or your picnic table and to your RV. Whenever your pup needs to go outside, open the door and hook them up right from inside. They’ll have a good time hanging outside and stretching their legs.

Enjoy Your Furry Friend!

These tips will help you and your family enjoy your dog even more when they come along with you, and of course your dog will enjoy the adventure, as well! If you’re just beginning your RV adventures and new to the whole experience, please contact us about our new RVs for sale. We’d be happy to get you and your puppy on your way!

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