3 Organizational RV Hacks to Keep Your RV Decluttered

Camping season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to organize your new RV! One of the most challenging parts of owning an RV is keeping it decluttered. RVs don’t have an endless amount of space, so it’s important to make the right decisions to keep it clean. Here are 3 organizational RV hacks that you can implement this year!


Lazy Susan Madesmart Turntable


1. The Lazy Susan Madesmart Turn Table

This may be the best thing invented when it comes to RV! Having a Lazy Susan in the RV makes it easy to grab what you need when you need it.

This is perfect for cupboards and also refrigerators! If you want to stick it in the fridge, you can load it up with all of your favorite condiments or ingredients for your recipes. This thing saves space and makes it easy for you to get to what you need.

I would recommend the Madesmart, which you can find on Amazon for not too expensive of a price. It will save you from lots of frustrating moments when you’re hunting for something specific.


2. The Cloth Organizer

These are life-savers. Throw all of your large sweaters and jeans in these boxes and slide them into the cupboards the RV has provided. This will organize your clothes, making it easy for you to find what you need fast. Your ids will also appreciate the cloth organizers for their own clothes and toys, as well. It keeps them separated yet together.

If you have multiple people staying in the RV, these organizers make it easy to keep everything in its place!


3. The Shower Caddy

This may not be what you’re thinking. Of course, shower caddies that stick to the wall in your shower are great to organize all of your stuff, but I’m not talking about that specifically. Shower caddies that stick to your wall are the BEST things to have near your bed or next to your couch. Stick them on the wall and fill them with your favorite magazines and books! We know that the majority of RVers love to read, and this it the perfect way to save space.

Instead of stacking your books on the table or trying to shove them in a bag, place them in a shower caddy on the wall! They’ll be easily reachable and you won’t ever lose them this way. You’ll know exactly where your books are at all times. This will save you time and space and it will look nice and clean in your RV when you don’t have loose papers and books everywhere.


Be Creative!

There is no better way to stay organized than to be creative! Finding those contraptions that help save you space is a great way to spend these moments leading up to your first RV adventure. If you don’t have an RV yet, take a look at our new RVs for sale. Contact us today with any questions. We’ll help you find an RV with lots of storage!

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