Gulf Stream Conquest Class C Motorhome Review

Whether you’re looking for easy driving for a getaway weekend or intense durability for the long-haul, our Gulf Stream Conquest Class C motorhome for sale is perfect for any RV trip. Each model includes the “Cradle of Strength” construction, a fuel-efficient Ford E350 or E450 chassis, and a welded aluminum perimeter frame for years of enjoyment. For more details, continue reading our Gulf Stream Conquest Class C Motorhome Review…


Gulf Stream Conquest Class C Motorhome Exterior


The Exterior

The construction of the Conquest is not only durable, but convenient for every RVer. With a radius ducted EPDM rubber roof, tinted windows (with automotive seals), and the aluminum running boards, the Conquest satisfies all the requirements for impressive and long-lasting construction.

Here’s a list of some of the highlighted exterior features:

  • Kitchen Window; Side Cabover Windows
  • Basement Storage
  • Magnetic Door Holders for Storage Doors
  • Undercoat Paint
  • Aluminum Running Boards
  • Slide-Out Room w/Topper (6238, 63111, 6316, 6317, 6320)
  • Welded Aluminum Perimeter Frame
  • Laminated Steel Frame Floor w/Metal Underbelly


Gulf Stream Conquest Class C motorhome interior


The Interior

Find exactly what you’re looking for in your affordable, dream motorhome with the Conquest. From the smallest detail of the pleated window shades to the beautiful amenity of the 6 cu. ft. 2-way double door refrigerator, this Class C could not be more luxurious.

Get comfortable in the single barrel chair or lay out across the soft-touch vinyl jack knife sofa during the lazy afternoons after a morning of adventures, or enjoy taking a nap on the queen bed with innerspring mattress in the little nook at the back of the RV.

Every space is specifically designed for your comfort and convenience, and Gulf Stream does not disappoint when considering all of the interior features they offer. Enjoy the 3-burner range (with oven and vent hood) for all of your dinners, or pop some popcorn in the microwave before movie night begins! With 13 different Conquest floorplans to choose from, you’ll find exactly the right space and set of features that will be enjoyable for everyone!

Here are some additional options we’d like to highlight for the interior:

  • Prewire for Digital Satellite
  • 40” LED TV for Front Bunk or Bedroom
  • Cabover Cabinets (n/a 6237LE)
  • Soft Touch Jack Knife Sofa in place of Dinette (6280)
  • Deluxe Comfort-Plus Mattress
  • Soft Touch Vinyl Driver & Pass. Seats
  • Large 8.0 cu. ft. 2-Way Double-Door Refrigerator

We know that just by looking at the features and durability of this beautiful class C motorhome, you will enjoy making new memories in such a luxurious RV. If you have any questions concerning our Gulf Stream Conquest, please do not hesitate to contact us. We know that your desire is to find the perfect RV that fits your lifestyle, and we’re here to help!

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