nuCamp TAG Teardrop Trailer Review: Ride in Style

We all know that great things come in small packages! If you’re looking for a modern teardrop trailer that is easy to pack up and easy to tow, the nuCamp TAG Teardrop Trailer for sale is your guy. Nothing more than 1300 lbs, it is one of the greatest teardrop trailers in the RV business. Let’s take a look at the nuCamp TAG Teardrop Trailer Review together to learn some of the highlights.


TAG Teardrop Trailer Exterior


The teardrop trailer is becoming more and more popular, and we know why. TAG has specifically designed a teardrop that has the maximum amount of space for such a small compact length, while still providing a good amount of features for your comfort and enjoyment. If you’re looking to ride in style, check out the TAG floorplans for the different ways they’ve designed the layouts.

One of our favorite features is the front window, which will give you great access to the scenery around you, allowing for a more outdoorsy atmosphere to the entire interior. The conveniently-placed sink and stove (with a spice rack!) are great highlights that allow you to cook with easy access to everything. If you’re heading out of town for the week, you’ll really appreciate the kitchen!

The air conditioning unit ensures that no matter what climate you’ve chosen to vacation in, you will be able to sleep peacefully in a cool environment. Even though the nuCamp RV TAG is a compact unit, it is packed full of everything you need for a comfortable night’s sleep (with entertainment)! You’ll be able to spend your evenings on the 58″ x 78″ bed, and relax with the 19″ entertainment center that includes a TV, a stereo system to listen to your favorite radio station, and a Bluetooth capability or AV auxiliary for a jam session through Spotify.


TAG teardrop trailer kitchen


The modern design comes with a two door entry system, which means you’ll be able to manuever in and out of the trailer much more easily. It’s the perfect little couple’s RV for all of those fun vacations and adventures you’ll be having! If you and your significant other love to get up and go on the fly, this trailer is for you: quick to pack up and easy to tow! If you have any questions about this great deal on the TAG teardrop, please contact us today. It’s time to pack up and go with the TAG!

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