RV Tip: The One RV App You’ll Always Need

RV travel apps. Is “yeah, there’s an app for that” too cheesy to start this blog post with? Well… there really IS an app for this. Traveling with your new RV is a lot of work as it is, but having ideas of where the dumps are, now that’s a different story. This RV tip will make everything run a little bit smoother…

The Sani Dumps App

RV Dump Station App


You’re probably thinking, “uh, okay?” when you see the name of this app, but honestly it’s exactly what you’ll be needing to take your RV trips to the next level of ease. Whether you’re out west or you’re right around the corner from your neighborhood, this app will help you find what you’re looking for.

The one app that is most essential for any RVer. The Sani Dumps app. This application explains what it is, right in the title. Where’s the closest dump to clean out your holding tanks? This app will tell you.

Some campgrounds don’t have dumps, and this is where that app comes in handy. Or, if you’ve been camping for a few weeks out in the mountains and it’s time to grace society again, pull out this app and plug in your location. It’ll let you know within seconds where the holding tank dump is… it’s really that easy.

It’s Really That Easy…

We hope this post helped you, and we hope your next trip with your new RV is a wonderful travel experience! If you have any questions concerning the camping lifestyle or you’re interested in learning more about our RVs, please contact us today!

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