Travel Trailer Review: 2 Ways It Pays to Travel Light

If you are new to camping or just thinking of switching your current RV for a brand new travel trailer, then you should see the vast selection of new 2018-19 travel trailers for sale at Terry’s RV.  In this travel trailer review, we’ll explore the two main reasons that lots of campers choose the travel trailer when selecting their ideal RV.

Lance Lance Travel Trailers Main
Compact and easy to tow!


Most travel trailers are a good deal smaller than fifth wheels, so they often will not require a heavy-duty truck to pull them.  Some travel trailers, even come in sizes that can be towed by a sturdy SUV, so they are an excellent choice for anyone who is concerned about pulling too much weight behind their family vehicle.  Travel trailers also do not require a special hitch to be towed but connect to a simple trailer hitch that can easily be attached to any truck or SUV.  Most travel trailers feature more compact interiors to help reduce their overall weight, like the one pictured below; however, some models come equipped with private bedrooms, bunkhouses, and more!

Lance Lance Travel Trailers living
Find out more about this Lance Lance travel trailer on sale for just $26,883

Low-Cost Option

In addition to being both compact and easy-to-tow, travel trailers tend to come in as one of the less expensive options, when looking to purchase your home on the road.  Because of their lightweight frames and more compact structures, travel trailers tend to be less costly options than other RVs; although, most travel trailers will also come with a wide range of possible amenities to choose from, like the outdoor kitchen pictured below.  Many travel trailers double at toy haulers, which allow you to pack all your favorite outdoor toys with you with ease, and feature cargo space that easily converts into extra sleeping/dining/patio space at the campground.

Heartland Wilderness Outdoor Kitchen
This Heartland Wilderness travel trailer is a steal at only $30,995!

Whether you’re a first-time RVer looking for the perfect RV for your family’s upcoming adventure, or only looking to downsize to a more easy-to-tow option, travel trailers will have you covered.  You can shop our entire collection of travel trailers for sale at Terry’s RV, or contact us today!

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